"Pay Attention to What You're Doing !!"

I had been working on the Bus inside the garage all day.
It was up on jack stands; I had pulled the engine and tranny.
Late in the afternoon I was tired but the job was finally finished and I lowered the Bus back down.  I then went down to the basement for just a minute to get some additional parts. When I came back up, the Bus was gone!!!

It took me a fraction of a second to gather my wits but the awful truth was that it had rolled out of the garage, down the drive and had landed smack up against the neighbor's curb clear across the street!

And it had struck....nothing.   It could have been a major disaster.
My Blue '63 VW (recently painted) was in the driveway; the Bus must have missed it by mere inches.

My elderly neighbor had been working in his yard.  He must have gone inside just before all this...he surely would have had a heart attack had he seen the Bus hurtling toward him.  And, luckily, no one was driving down the street at the time!

(Wheel chocks have been in use since...)