by Jim Mais                                                                                                                 © 2001

The sheet metal oil filler is attached to the cast generator stand with a threaded "nut" (actually, more like a bolt).  The nut has a slot in it to accept a removal tool.

If you want to make your own tool, it should look something like this:


Be prepared for disappointment though when trying to unscrew the nut. Years of high temperatures have probably fused the threads to the cast stand.  

The most effective method I've found for getting the nut out is to heat the casting with a torch.  This expands the metal slightly, breaking the grip on the threads.   This is best done with the gen stand out of the car! The casting metal won't burst into flame since it's a solid mass, not fine chips or turnings; but the oil residue inside might.

Alternatives used by others include use of a giant EZ-Out tool or an over-size plumbers nipple extractor.   If you will be replacing the filler, then cutting it off with a chisel and snips may suffice.

A paper gasket goes between the filler and the stand.